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Even though we are scared of sharks, they never stop intriguing us. We fear these predators, but still enjoy the close encounters we have with them in aquariums, and find something appealing in magnificent photographs of them. EyeEm, the community for real photography, prides itself on its outstanding editing tools that allow you to display the majesty of the untamed wild nature of the shark.

What is so fascinating about shark photographs is that no matter how similar they might seem, no two are alike. Each image of the great white shark that creates a perfect contrast to the dark blue background is unique in its own way and evokes both feelings of fear and admiration. EyeEm brings you one-of-a-kind arresting images of sharks for you to use for your future project.

EyeEm prides itself on its unsurpassed collection of out-of-this-world shark photographs. Thanks to our simple and royalty-free photo licensing, you are allowed to use these high quality images in a range of both commercial and editorial applications. Do not take our word for it, but browse through our gallery and see for yourself that we have a wealth of shark images for you to make use of.