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Pattern Pictures on Repeat

Sometimes, perspective makes all the difference. When we’re willing to get up close, we notice the genius of hexagonal honeycombs or the delicate markings on a moth’s wings. Patterns appear in the least expected places to those who stop and pay attention. Looked at from a bird’s-eye view, even the disorder of the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo seems to fall into step.

At EyeEm, you’ll find pattern photography that captures the hidden symmetry of our world, up close and from afar. When your project needs a captivating backdrop, don’t overlook the pattern images on our Market. Here, we show you that repetition is a good thing - especially for design projects. With the help of our vibrant community of young photographers, you’ll soon be seeing double.

On EyeEm Market, we pair royalty-free pattern pictures from around the world with crowd-pleasing licensing options. No matter the scope of your undertaking, our licenses give you the flexibility you need to use your pattern image to the fullest. If you need a Facebook banner for your social media page or an appealing background for a blog, our pattern pics are the perfect choice.

Pattern photos are a beautiful way to harmonize your message across multiple platforms. When you need something extra special to cement your brand identity, why not create an EyeEm Mission for our community members? You’ll start a social ripple worth capturing in a pattern picture that’ll be entirely unique to your project. This isn’t just a way to source original content, it’s an innovative strategy for your brand to engage the public.