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Flower Beauty
若有似無,好像輕輕呵護也會消失 Flowers Discover Your City
White bowl, brown eggs Negative Space EyeEm Bestsellers
Old computer parts. I used a flash from below to get the green glowing effect. EyeEm Best Shots Taking Photos Check This Out Technology Technology I Can't Live Without Macroclique Macro_collection Malephotographerofthemonth Close Up Technology
One Photo A Day 2014 Blackandwhite Capa Filter 1.Music Lieblingsteil
Jam! Food Foodblogger Foodphotography Marmelade Kitchen Make It Yourself Handmade For You
Recropped and gave an old photo a new edit after I realized you can see a beautiful reflection of a house in the eye Eye Colors Portrait Photography
Macro leaf Olloclip_macro Macro Olloclip
How's The Weather Today?
Raindrops Rainy Days Nature_collection Natural Beauty
save water Savewater Savetheworld Savetheplanet StillLifePhotography Still Life Hello World Waterdrops EyeEm Best Shots
Plants Nature Olloclip Olloclip_macro
Patterns in plastic. Water Bottle  Patterns Geometric Shapes
Editing a DSLR photo in EyeEm for the first time! Photography DSLR Cakes
Carrot Carrot Orange Root Vegetable Colour Healthy Eating Vegetarian Diet
Geometric Shapes Tattoo
Minimalism Foodporn EyeEm Best Shots Simplicity in my mouf - I ♡ sushi!
Turquoise By Motorola Maccarons Turquoise Yellow Brown Chocolate COOKIES!
Vscocam Fltrlive Exploring Abandoned
Mint By Motorola The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Colour Of Life
Buck Dog Animals Pet
Parafa IPhoneography Iphone6plus Textures And Surfaces
Nature Textures Lily Close Up Pink
Walking In The Snow
Honey table. Bw_collection Blackandwhite EyeEm Best Edits EyeEm Best Shots
Collect BIG Mushrooms Forest Nature
Hot Chocolate Coffee Bubbles Foam Cappuccino Drink Beverage Macro
Peas Pattern Organic Food Water

Go into the Details with Macro Photography from EyeEm

It’s often not the far-reaching panoramic landscape views that mesmerize us the most, it’s the macro images of objects closer than we’ve ever seen them that change our perceptions and offer unbelievable insights into art on a tiny scale. From skewed reflections in a water droplet to the fine strands of a spider’s web, the natural world is often the focus of our macro photography, depicting detail hardly visible to the human eye.

Macro photography is all about texture, and you wouldn’t believe the geometric patterns and touchable softness of day-to-day items on a tiny scale that our macro photographers capture. Snapping this natural beauty is, however, no mean feat, requiring a steady hand and the perfect lighting and environment, so rather than trying to capture your own close-up, focus your lens on macro pictures at EyeEm and connect your brand with emerging macro photographers from all over the world.

If you’re looking to get closer to your audience, try incorporating macro photography into your web advertisements, social media visuals, or print campaigns. Perfect as both a backdrop or a focal point, attention-grabbing macro images are highly shareable, versatile, and are bound to get your community talking. Reaching out to your audience and giving your project a modern, edgy touch has never been simpler than with EyeEm. Our macro photos are the answer to your brand’s creative needs and will give you the time and money to focus on the rest of your to-do list in more detail!

Browse our great value collection of royalty-free macro photography and find an image or two to give your brand or project the wow factor, only with EyeEm!