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Thunder-struck by image quality: EyeEm's collection of lightning images

Light undoubtedly plays an important part in photography. Still, there is one form of light that only the truly quick and skillful can capture on film – lightning. For superior quality pictures of lightnings and thunderstorms, head over to EyeEm: our abundant collection features some of the world's most fascinating lightning shots submitted by both professional and amateur photographers around the globe.

With a photo collection of over 60 million pictures, EyeEm is the one of the fastest growing photography-dedicated communities looking to promote both young and experienced camera lovers hungry for global fame. Experiment with 24 different filters and visual effects, play with angles and contrasts, try out different subject matters and come up with a masterpiece that will win scores of applause among an appreciative audience. If you are brave enough, you can take part in our annual contest and get a chance to win special prizes for your personal lightning photography collection as an additional bonus!

For truly formidable photo stock, turn to EyeEm: we have the finest-looking assortment of thunderstorm and lightning pics enhanced with the help of convenient editing tools. May the light be with you on your darkest of stormy nights!