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Graffiti Art Pictures You’ll Enjoy More than the Authorities

The photographers at EyeEm have been pounding the streets documenting graffiti pictures for your projects. Walls are blank canvases for artists and social activists alike to express their observations and creative drives. Whether it’s a political statement or just something interesting that you’re looking for, EyeEm has an extensive and diverse range of graffiti pictures for you to enjoy.

Graffiti has been around as long as man has, with evidence of scribblings found adorning walls as far back as ancient Egypt. However, the contemporary graffiti trend snapped by our photographers in their graffiti pics can be traced back to the 1980s, when Hip-Hop was born. Since then, our cities have been hot beds for creative thought and alluring places for photographers to capture images of graffiti.

Whatever your project, we are confident that you will source the appropriate graffiti pictures that you need from EyeEm Market. Once you have settled on a graffiti picture you want, securing the license that works best for you is easy. Then, you are free as a bird to commence your project with complete peace of mind.

From the buildings of Bogota, Colombia to the East Side Gallery in Berlin, street art has challenged our perceptions of what illicit art is, prompting global debate. Our graffiti images capture these controversial artworks for you to ponder. True to its nature, graffiti only lives on in reproduced pictures, making graffiti art images imperative to the preservation of the art form.