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Color Palette
Kk Japan Gold Fish Nature
Monument Koh Samui
Architectural Detail Pont Alexandre III Paris Sculpture
Party Fire Night La Patum catalonian' party
Minimalism Clear Sky Gold Obelisk
Thailand Bangkok Taking Photos Hello World Spotted In Thailand
My Mirror
i ll send you a light do you not alone.i am with you. The Red Series Steel Wool Light Painting That's Me
Hey August! Soistdresden Dresden EyeEm Meetup
Curtain Shines Golden Shining
Flowers Grass TheMinimals (less Edit Juxt Photography) Lieblingsteil
Golden Hour
Golden Architecture in Lugano Ticino
Fire Flame Bonfire Action
Queen Necklace Gold Taking Photos Relaxing Enjoying Life No Filter
Cereal Corn Field Grain Field
Gold Coin South Africa Money
My work, my passion? Handmade Jewelry Jewellery Handmade Jewellery Colors Treasures Gold Accessories I Love My Job Candy

Gilded mirrors, ornate statues, and decorative jewelry - all that glitters is golden in EyeEm’s bank of gold pictures

The allure of gold is hard to resist and our beautiful gold images show exactly why that is. From ornate religious statues to decadently lavish rings and necklaces, our fantastic photographers have snapped so many different pictures of gold that no matter how you interpret the precious metal, we’re sure to have the perfect gold image for you.

Add glamour and charm to your work projects with our stately gold pictures. Bring them into your home to create a sophisticated decor. Whatever you need your gold photo for, our online community have been using their talents to create stunning gold images that are sure to wow.

Our pretty gold pictures will allow your future projects to shine and be noticed; after all, we all love a bit of bling. Add classy pictures of gold jewelry to really bring out the refined style of your magazine, use polished religious figures to add a sense of spirituality to your home, or brighten up your office with gold-coated facades. We know your purpose for each gold image might change so we always offer them free from any royalties. And what’s more, our excellent range of licenses means all of our gold photos are now accessible to all budgets.

It’s so convenient to check out all our gold images - simply flick through our curated albums online. EyeEm Market’s top-quality gold photos offer convenient value for money, and we always get the gold seal of approval from all our photographers and buyers.