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There is something primal about piercings and tattoos; the image of vibrant colors etched onto the skin has captivated human imagination throughout history. The appeal of body art has not faded over time. Here at EyeEm, you can find inspiration for your next piercing or gaze in wonder at the body art others rock. And, if you have a few pictures of your own piercings which you wish to share with the world, we can offer you the exposure you crave by helping you present your work to an appreciative audience.

From nose studs and eyebrow piercings to earrings and other body jewelry, the EyeEm image collection features an extensive collection of eye-catching piercings. Our photographers capture them from a variety of inspiring angles, and edit their pictures using superior processing tools such as our 24 different filters and special effects. If you love the way your body jewelry looks on film, go ahead and enter your images in our annual contest: in addition to allowing other users to review your work, you may also get a cool prize!

With over 60 million photos organized into searchable categories, EyeEm is the go-to destination for any lover of photography and the creative deployment of visual elements. On both film and skin, true works of art never fail to impress, so join our community now and get in touch with other lovers of piercings photographers around the world in a flash.