EyeEm Collective


How Do I Apply?

To apply, simply go to the APPLY form and fill in all requested details. You will be asked to fill in information about your work and we kindly ask that you provide us with your most recent work and portfolios.

The application requires you to have an EyeEm profile and if you do not have one, please take time and SIGN UP HERE and get started.

What Are The Benefits?

EyeEm is a photography community, marketplace and production house that was created with the goal to discover and empower talent and give them a stage. We work with some of the world’s best and brightest talents and brands and foster all levels of creative collaboration.

As a part of the Collective you will receive numerous benefits but most importantly you will be accepted and considered a part of an exclusive network of photographers and filmmakers. Members of the Collective are the first to receive information and opportunities to work on big commercial and creative productions around the world. Additionally, the Collective members images are fast-tracked to the Premium Collections and all Collective members are the first to receive invitations to parties, events and speaker series.

What Does It Take to Be a Part of the EyeEm Collective?

The Collective is comprised of photographers and videographers who are professionals in their field and who are industry leaders. All applicants are reviewed based on the work they have presented and shared on EyeEm, on social media accounts and portfolios. The criteria to be accepted includes extensive commercial or creative projects that best showcase your work as an industry leader.

How Long Does It Take Before I Get a Response?

It can take some time for us to review each and every applicant with the attention it deserves but every applicant will receive a confirmation if accepted to the Collective.

If I Am Rejected Can I Apply Again?

The Collective is currently an admissions-based program and only those who are accepted can take part. If you apply and are rejected, we encourage you to give yourself time to develop new ideas and projects and apply again with new material.

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