Your Photos, Exhibited at Horizn Studios Berlin

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See the photos of our "Let's Go. Together." Mission with Horizn - and see how they were unveiled at a party in Berlin.

For our recent Mission with the travel brand Horizn, we asked you to capture your best moments of life on the go. We wanted to see the art of getting from a to b in the modern world—from short city getaways to long haul adventures.

From more than 58,000 submissions, we’ve picked a winner and ten runners-up, all of which were featured in a special celebration and exhibition at the Horizn Studios Store in Berlin. See the winners below—and then keep reading for some impressions from the exhibition.


Congratulations to EyeEm photographer @And_27—you’ve won a Horizn Cabin Trolley Model M, priced at €299.00!

By And_27


By urban poetry

By urban poetry

By jackyczj2010

By Irene Wissel


By Gryllus Minimus

By R O S L E Y

By TYLim

By Koukichi Takahashi

By Florin L.

The Exhibition

To celebrate your photos, Horizn threw a grand unveiling in their flagship store in central Berlin. All night long, visitors could mingle, enjoy drinks, and see the winnings photos as a projection on a giant screen inside of the store. It was a pleasure seeing the photos from such different locations come alive in one place!

By Lars Mensel

By Jędrzej Kamiński

By Lars Mensel

By Lars Mensel

By Jędrzej Kamiński

By Jędrzej Kamiński

By Lars Mensel

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