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World Cup 2018: Soccer Fields Around the World

By Madeline Yates - 2 min read

In its very simplicity, all you need for playing a soccer game is a ball, some open space and goal markers. With the 2018 World Cup in Russia holding matches in huge, modern arenas, we decided to take a photographic look at places in the rest of the world, where people share the passion for the sport regardless of the field.


Henningsvær, Norway


Berlin, Germany

High angle view of people at soccer game against mountain range

Skardu, Pakistan


Tokyo, Japan

Directly above shot of soccer field

La Rioja, Argentina

Lightning over building and football field

Antalya, Turkey



Aerial view of illuminated soccer field at night

Maroubra, Australia

Scenic view of sea by mountain

Sithonia, Greece

large group of people

Namibia, Africa

Rear view of man on beach against clear blue sky

Lisbon, Portugal

Aerial view soccer field in city by seine river

Paris, France

Soccer field by river

Takua Thung, Thailand

High angle view of carousel by soccer field in city

Torino, Italy

Boys playing soccer at court against buildings

Hong Kong

High angle view of men playing on soccer field in city

Tehran City, Iran

People playing soccer by houses and mountain

Chefchaouen, Morocco

High angle view of soccer field by sea against sky

Türkmenbaşy, Turkmenistan

High angle view of cityscape against sky


Children playing soccer against clear sky

Bay Hill, United States

The World Cup is the greatest sporting stage in the world. We want to see your reportage of the games, wherever you are in the world. Submit your work to our World Cup Mission here.

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