#EyeEmPaid: Four Top-Selling Photo Themes in February

By Brada - 6 min read

Photo editor Brada talks you through some photo themes that sold well in February.

We want all photographers on EyeEm to have an equal chance of selling their photos. That’s why we bring you these insights each month, detailing what kinds of images are selling particularly well. If you’re unsure what to shoot next, let yourself be inspired by these shots: They show that creating a bestseller often isn’t about the camera or subject, but about taking your pictures from a new and surprising perspective.

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Round and Round

Once you start looking for circular shapes, you won’t stop seeing them everywhere: In the eyes of a friend, the rolling hills outside of the city, or the wheels of a skateboard. Circles draw the viewer in, and including them somewhere in your photos makes for a pleasing composition. No need to be obvious though: Hide such a shape in your frame and let it do its magic from within.

By Doru Groza

By Caelinear

By Josue

By Lorenzo Chiana

By Andrew Kurcan

Corners and Edges

Sharp edges may be unpleasant in real life, but visually they’re a great way of adding dimensionality to your photos. An edge stands out even from an otherwise flat subject, creating an illusion of depth. Also, many corners form arrows and upward lines, something our minds associate with dynamism and movement. Next time you round a corner, try taking a picture of it.

By Michael Moeller

By Jan T.

By Marilyn Volan

By Jan Ove

By Varga Priszcilla

Looking Through, Down and in Between

These photos show that a great photo isn’t so much determined by what’s in front of the lens, but by the thinking behind it. You can mix up any subject by picturing it from an unexpected viewpoint: Through a mirror, from up high, or even by glancing through it.

By Olym Li

By Owen Tomkins

By Richard Alan

By Sorapong Chaipanya

By Eren Çevik


Photos are great for challenging grasp on reality. With a few simple tricks, you can create imaginary worlds in the frame – be it through abstraction, double exposures, or simply choosing a subject that’s slightly out of this world.


By Kana Sasamoto

By Emil Rivera-Cedano

By Handra Rocha

By Anthony Garcia

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