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What Photo Buyers Want: People Together

By Cherrie - 3 min read

People photos are in high demand on EyeEm Market. Upload something sellable today!

Photos of people have universal appeal. And there’s a constant need for these shots on EyeEm Market! Whether it’s a family eating breakfast before work or friends enjoying each other’s company on a summer beach day, image buyers want to see people doing things together, eating, drinking and sharing valuable moments. These kinds of photos illustrate perfectly the stories that they’re looking to tell.

Upload your photos to EyeEm, add them to Market and use the tag People Together by August 3 2016. The winner will get an EyeEm goodie bag. Now, let’s go shoot some genuine, spontaneous, sellable moments! Not on EyeEm Market yet? Find out all you need to know here.

Don’t forget: All identifiable people within the photos will need to give their permission before you can sell the photo. They can do this by signing a model release. (What are releases? Find out here!)

By Alina Potapenko

By pilotsimon

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Header image by @pilotsimon.

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