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What Photo Buyers Want: Hands at Work

By Cherrie - 1 min read

Photos of hands at work are selling on EyeEm Market. Upload yours and get featured!

Photos ofhands at work are proving a huge hit with buyers on EyeEm Market. For one, they offer an insight into the day-to-day lives of woodworkers, florists, baristas and developers, to name just a few. What’s more, they illustrate the stories that editors and brands want to tellin magazines, blogs and advertising.

There is an incredible collection of photos of hands at work on EyeEm, but buyers would love to see even more! Our tips for selling: Leave room for text by playing with negative space, use vibrant colors to make your photo stand out, avoid capturing logos and brand names within your frame and share a variety of workplaces and people.

Upload your photos to Market and add the tag Hands at Work by October 31st. The best shots will be featured in a dedicated collection right here!

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Header image by @vanessaShaushkin