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What Photo Buyers Want: Everyday Emotion

By EyeEm - 2 min read

Get your photos selling by capturing human emotion. Read up on our tips

Everyday you experience emotion, among friends, family and even with strangers. You witness laughs, sniffles or a moment of contemplation, and sometimes, you even capture these moments on camera. It’s these kinds of images that pull viewers in with a strong human connection. Authentic images are in high demand with photo buyers on EyeEm Market! To get your photos selling, upload your photos to EyeEm, make them available for sale on EyeEm Market and add the tag Everyday Emotion.

Need a little inspiration? Try our tips below!

Buyers seek photos that have…

• Authentic emotion between two people
• Genuine emotion as opposed to staged
• A narrative, showing interaction between people or in an environment
• Model releases and no brand names/logos present in the photo
• A clean edit with a natural look

Portrait of happy senior woman resting on sofa at home
Man taking selfie through smart phone in city
Close-up of sad young woman
Close-up of smiling boy wearing mask

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Header image by @iharpaulau