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What Photo Buyers Want: Athleisure

By Cherrie - 3 min read

Awaken your inner fashion photographer and get your portfolio fit for buyers

This new Mission is for photographers selling their photos on EyeEm Market. Not one of them? Everyone’s invited! Sign up today and start making your work available for brands to license.

This season, fashion and wellness collide to create the Athleisure look. And there’s a huge demand for this style on EyeEm Market! It’s time to awake your inner fashion photographer and get your portfolio fit, fresh and trendy. Upload fashion-meets-wellness photos to EyeEm, add them to Market and use the tag Athleisure by Thursday 11th August. The winner will get an EyeEm goodie bag!

Not sure where to start? Read this tips to get inspired:

– The pose: Looking to fashion magazines for inspiration will really give your images the edge.
– The location: E.g. an urban setting may well complement an edgy look perfectly.
– The props: Not only do they create a narrative in your shot, giving the photo extra visual appeal, but they may also help calm your camera shy model’s nerves.
– The lighting: No access to a full studio? Natural light works wonders for fashion shots, so pay attention to where the light is falling. If the model isn’t properly lit, use a reflector or white surface to bounce light towards them.
– The angle: Get moving! Move around your model until you find that magic angle.

Don’t forget: All identifiable people in your photos need to give their permission before you can sell the photo. They can do this by signing a model release. (What are releases? Find out here!) The same goes for brand names, logos and distinctive designs in your photos. Our guide to Photo Editing for EyeEm Market will help you get your shots Market-ready!

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Header image by @avdrvyk.