What Is the True Beauty of a Woman According to Photographer Corinna Dumat?

By Ellen Clipson - 5 min read

Portrait photographer Corinna Dumat see's beauty in the collision of fragility and resilience. Read this interview to discover that there is more to Corinna's visual narrative than simply beautiful portrait photos.

Whether it be the choice of locaiton, backdrop or model, Corinna Dumat harmonously considers every element influencing her portrait photography.

She brings spontanous emotions and her distinct minimal visual language together seamlessly. Read on to find out more about the intricate, yet very intentional, creative decisions behind her stunning portfolio.

Authentic Beauty and Feminine Strength Captured Through Imagery

What does creative collaboration mean to you?

For me creative collaboration means getting involved with the model. Their wishes or suggestions and my ideas come together in one photo or photography series.

It should always encapsulate each part each and every personality involved in the creative process.


Your photos are often very clean and minimal - can you tell us more about this?

I have found overstimulation or disorder in life brings me stress. Rather, directness and a clear view of the essentials are important for me in every day situations. Of course, this can also be seen in my photography.

Clear lines, symmetry, and a lot of static space, gives the viewer a sense of calm and balance. Minimalism can perfectly fit doesnt mean boring, instead it stands out.

This always tempts me creativly time and time again. Just as Leonardo Da Vinci said: “Simplicity is the highest form of perfection.”

“Femininity can be fragile and incredibly strong at the same time.”

Rear view of woman in sea against sky

Your work is bold & bright as well as elegant & sophisticated - is this intentional?

Interestingly enough, these four adjectives fit well with what I consider and feel is beautiful. Not only in architecture, fashion, design, and painting, but also in a person’s personality.

Often this is reflected in my photography, yet happens simply unconsciously. It appears within my choice of locations, backgrounds, and subjects for a photoshoot, each bringing such qualities in their own ways.


What is your connection to your subjects?

Many of my models come from my immediate environment. If they are strangers, I reach out to people whose appearance, sense of style or character appeals me.

The person has to exude something strong either by the facial expressions or their posture. This prevents photos from being perceived as bland or boring.


How do you show your viewers your subject’s character and tell their story through your photographs?

I often let themselves direct their own pose. I give minimal instructions regarding posing because I have found that it will often develop by itself during a shoot.

I also like to photograph the subject from below, which often reveals something to the viewer as sublime and courageous, heroic even. But, I can´t do that with every personality, otherwise it seems silly.

For you what is ‘modern femininity’?

Modern feminity means being able to stand up for oneself, and not allowing others to persuade you into holding a negative body image. It also means being able to show feelings openly and honestly.

Even to regard oneself as beautiful, without being immediately labeled as conceited or arrogant. Admittedly, this can still be a challenge to achieve.

“a woman can be resolute, robust, resistant and fearless.”

What is the best thing about shooting female subjects?

Femininity can be fragile and incredibly strong at the same time. This continues to fascinate me.

On the one hand, something about a woman is fragile, tender and gentle on the other, a woman can be resolute, robust, resistant and fearless. Keeping these almost contradictory qualities in a photo always appeals to me.

What does ‘authentic beauty’ mean to you & how does it affect your photography?

Simply said, do not try to be someone else. Be yourself. To emphasize one’s own strengths rather than struggle with weaknesses is to develop oneself.

This affects my photography to the extent that I rarely retouch or change somthing on the body during my post-process. That’s what ‘authetic beauty’ is for me.


What is the significance of color in your photographs?

I like strong and clear colors to match the clean lines. In combination with many bright tones, color can convey to the viewer a happy feeling and certain self-confidence.

I enjoy playing with color in my photography because I always dress myself in very dark clothing. As I am based in Germany, I find that many German cities can often appear very grey. For me color acts as an escape from the dull concrete everyday enviroment.

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