Welcome Weekly: A Curated Collection of New Talents on EyeEm

By Madeline - 3 min read

Another week, another great batch of photographers new to the EyeEm Community

Each week, we look at the many uploads to EyeEm and pick out your most memorable shots. For Welcome Weekly, we highlight photographers that have joined EyeEm in the last week and whose images caught our eye. Check out their profiles for more photos and make sure follow them to see what else they’re sharing.

Alessandro Cheti

Laurence Bernabe

Edo Ardzenadze

Alexandre Do

Lucien Durris

Andrea Lomeli

spencer starnes

Kristina Zvinakeviciute


Basel Hassan

Fran Rabelo

Shaimaa Mahmoud


Brandon Wong

Gardner Muirhead

Looking for even more inspiration? Check out the photographers we featured before in theWelcome Weeklyalbum!

Header image by @ShaimaaMahmoud