Welcome Weekly: A Curated Collection of New Talents on EyeEm

By Jonathon - 3 min read

See who’s new on EyeEm this week!

Each week, we feature the most eye-catching new photographers’ work on EyeEm. All the photos you see below were taken by community members that joined in the last seven days. Like their photos? Check out their profiles and give them a warm welcome.

Daniel van Gravel Art

Giovanni Barbisan Fotografia

Kay Hawaii

Polina Lotnik

Ангелина Додонова

Gabriela Valentino

Роман Алябьев


Bianca Lavia

محمد السبيعي

Михаил Харитонов

Диана Коковкина

Emmanuel Caguimbal

Алёна Серова

Henry Phull

Looking for even more inspiration? Check out the photographers we featured before in theWelcome Weeklyalbum!

Header image by @Bianfiorella.

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