Welcome Weekly: A Curated Collection of New Talents on EyeEm

By Madeline - 2 min read

Brand new community members waiting for you see their work.

Every week, we present a list of the newest community members and the photography they share. Looking for new talents to follow or just want to get inspired by others’ work? This a great place to start.

By John Berry

By Azura Photography

By Jacob C. Burcham

By Hariz Suhaimi

By Mara Haro

By Holly Beach

By 泺

By Maria Veiga

By Milan Gardasevic

By Josh vega

By Jolas

By Jeremiah Wistrom

By MatthewKPhoto

By Liz

Looking for even more inspiration? Check out the photographers we featured before in theWelcome Weeklyalbum!

Header image by @azuraphotography

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