From Art Movement to Leading Visual Platform: This Is EyeEm

By Jenna Black - 5 min read

EyeEm was created to empower new talents and connect them with major brands to generate incredibly diverse, relevant and inspiring photography. Learn how we went from an underground art movement to the definitive visual platform for today's content needs.

From 5,000 to 20 Million

Seven years ago, EyeEm’s co-founders came together to host one of the world’s first mobile photography competitions. More than 5,000 photographers around the globe participated – and from there, one of the world’s most engaged creative communities was born.

Where it all started: Our co-founders set up their first mobile photography exhibition in a Berlin underground station

There’s never been a better time to connect global brands to our creator community.

The EyeEm community has massively grown since then, and so have the needs and expectations of brands. The social and influencer revolution has pressured brands toward a new creative lifecycle, and branded, earned content that drives engagement is now at the forefront of it.

Cropped image of people holding cotton candy against corrugated iron

Access the tools to supercharge your creative workflow.

Now, with over 20 million creators around the world, and the most innovative image technology out there, we believe it’s never been a better time to connect brands to our talent. Today, we’re introducing even more products to help brands take control of their content, know what drives engagement, and create world-class images at scale.

Relevance for Real:Personalized Image Search

Imagine every image search bringing back results that match your brand’s visual identity. As a content manager, imagine knowing that every image used across teams supports your design guidelines.

To filter images that are on-brand, we use our proprietary technology to train your visual identity. This unique algorithm is then applied across our entire image library to power your personalized, dedicated search. Results are on-brand, every time.

We believe every brand deserves its own visual search.

Preview of BCG’s personalized image search

The Boston Consulting Group worked with EyeEm to create a personalized search which is now available to 11,000 consultants worldwide.

“By calibrating the algorithm, I can simply focus the core aesthetics instead of having to make sure everybody in our 90+ offices knows our visual guidelines and philosophy.”

– Massimo Portincaso, Partner & Managing Director at BCG

Every brand should have its own unique visual search – and now they can.

Woman covered with red decoration by wall
Young woman standing under sunbeam
Close-up of beautiful woman blowing bubble gum

The New Missions Dashboard: Measure Engagement in Real Time

How do you develop engaging visuals on a global scale? You challenge more than 20 million photographers around the world to shoot for your brand. An EyeEm Mission sources over 100k photos in a 10-day period.

With the all-new Missions Dashboard, you can measure real-time engagement, see daily curations from our in-house team and the most relevant results trained by our EyeEm Vision technology based on the aesthetics you want to see.

Want to engage millions of photographers to shoot specifically for your brand? #EyeEmReady.

Say Hello to Custom:Target the Best Talent for Your Campaign

Our community is engaged, diverse and global. We have a pool of the best talent everywhere in the world, and we’re introducing a new way for you to connect with them. Custom allows you to commission the EyeEm Collective, the top talent spanning 160+ countries, for your next project anytime, anywhere.

London-based EyeEm Collective photographers on a custom shoot for The British Journal of Photography in November 2017

We manage and streamline your entire creative process, from calibration to delivery. Need custom creative from London in 24 hours or less? #EyeEmReady.

Community has never been more at the forefront.

We are a creative community and a really committed one at that. This new suite of products represents our latest efforts to bring the best of today’s creators and help brands skip the “big box stock” in favor of highly-creative, scalable and cost-effective solutions with unparalleled output.

The team at EyeEm Festival 2017

See you in 2018!

Header image by Elinor Harari.