simplicity at solo tree by Steve Turner on EyeEm

Hey friends,

last week asked you to capture the simple things in life for our weekly mission Simplicity. Out of a total of 3649 photos contributed by 1740 people we’re excited to present our 25 favorites.

So how simple does it get? We see sheep in the country, manatees in the fishtank, lush fields, windy roads, a match, a cup of coffee, stunning architecture and simple moments frozen in time. Thank you everyone for contributing your view to this mission. And congrats to those who made it on the list!

Now here are our 25 favorite photos of Simplicity:

simplicity in Oslo by Håvard Storvestre on EyeEm

simplicity by miriam on EyeEm

simplicity by eldisidente on EyeEm

simplicity at Shedd Aquarium by Shescrazyv on EyeEm

simplicity in Ōsaka-shi by Mitsuhiko Tokida on EyeEm 

simplicity in Medan by leannst on EyeEm

simplicity in Oslo by Alavirulé on EyeEm

Nature by just a little girl with a big heart on EyeEm

simplicity in Tokyo by kazmi on EyeEm

simplicity at Historic Downtown Gresham by Jenny on EyeEm

simplicity in Barcelona by Guillermo Pérez on EyeEm

simplicity by Leonardo Wangsa on EyeEm

simplicity by terajiro on EyeEm

simplicity by Kaaren on EyeEm

simplicity in toulouse by Matthieu Fournier on EyeEm

simplicity by analog appearance on EyeEm

simplicity by angermax on EyeEm

simplicity by t_al on EyeEm

simplicity at La Jolla, CA – Salk Institute by Josue Mejia on EyeEm

simplicity at Drogheria Bar & Grill by ale di gangi on EyeEm

simplicity by eastyimages on EyeEm

simplicity at Orcières by Ettisi on EyeEm

simplicity in Ōsaka-shi by Kohta on EyeEm