Color Portrait in New York City by Jordan Cortese on EyeEm

Hey guys,

what a mission! Color Portrait proved to be a huge success with 188 people from 28 different countries, 96 cities and 115 places contributing 528 photos (and counting). It wasn’t easy to limit the selection to just 25 photos, but in the end we’ve made it.

These portraits range from intimate close up shots to street snaps and were captured in extraordinary places like Tokyo, New York City, Amsterdam, Birmingham, Paris, London, Barcelona, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Bangkok, Berlin, Sicily, Sydney and Mongolia.

Thank you everyone who took part in this mission! Special congrats to those who made it into the selection. The next mission will be announced shortly. Stay tuned..

Here are our top 25 of Color Portrait:

Color Portrait in Tokyo by ASA on EyeEm

Color Portrait in Amsterdam by Annet de Graaf on EyeEm

Color Portrait in Birmingham by Ming_Nh on EyeEm

Color Portrait by Jessy Menchaca on EyeEm

Color Portrait at Corroios by Psyca on EyeEm

Color Portrait in Paris by Latife Solak Baudet on EyeEm

Color Portrait in Amsterdam by Filothei on EyeEm

Color Portrait in Los Angeles by Joel Quizon on EyeEm

Color Portrait by Susan Myers on EyeEm

Color Portrait at Gotham Hall by Brian Podolsky on EyeEm

Color Portrait in Singapore by Aik Beng Chia on EyeEm

Color Portrait by Henrique Campos on EyeEm

Color Portrait at london by Altaf KW on EyeEm

Color Portrait at Palace Hotel, San Francisco by Koduckgirl on EyeEm

Color Portrait by Lina’stic ♡ on EyeEm

Color Portrait at W Barcelona by Natàlia on EyeEm

Color Portrait in Vineland by Dutch Doscher on EyeEm

Color Portrait by noriko on EyeEm

Color Portrait by Simone Cento on EyeEm

Color Portrait by alex on EyeEm

Taking Photos by Colonel Cody on EyeEm
Color Portrait in Bangkok by Sila Guz Amatyakul on EyeEm

Color Portrait at Unterm Nussbaum by TiNa on EyeEm

Color Portrait in Sydney by @emmii on EyeEm