Weekly Mission Recap: Chocolate

By Severin - 7 min read

DON’t read this blog post if you’re on a diet: as the top 25 of last week’s Chocolate mission are truly mouth-watering, you’d probably give up on it immediately.

Chocolate at Piazza Unità d’Italia by Raffaele Cavicchi on EyeEm

DON’t readthis blog post if you’re on a diet: asthe top 25 of last week’s Chocolate mission are truly mouth-watering, you’d probably give up on it immediately.

On the menu are the most delicious treats on the planet, including Willy Wonka’s original chocolate bar, pain au chocolat in Bora Bora, super moist triple chocolate fudge and full on chocolate birthday cakes. And of course the people who enjoy it, ranging fromkids in Netherlands, Singapore, Norway and Australia to a fashionable old boy enjoying his croissant in Milan.

Thank you everyone for taking part in this sweet mission! Here are our top 25 from Chocolate:

Chocolate at imageblocks by Scott Taylor on EyeEm

Chocolate at @home by Ellen Rillmann on EyeEm

Chocolate at Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop by Robot Chick on EyeEm

Chocolate at London Eye by Milos Kalvin on EyeEm


Chocolate by DipshikhaGhosh on EyeEm

Chocolate in Singapore by nethc on EyeEm

Chocolate at EyeEm HQ by Stephanie on EyeEm

Nutella in Québec by Valérie Labossière on EyeEm


Chocolate in Bangkok by Divographer on EyeEm

Chocolate in Jakarta by Nadita on EyeEm

Close-up of croissant and flower pot on table in boat

Chocolate at The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort by Jen Pollack Bianco on EyeEm

Chocolate by ELLE on EyeEm

Chocolate at delicious girl by Megumi0817 on EyeEm

Chocolate at Auburn Apartments by Deedzzz on EyeEm

Chocolate at BåstadbyClara JuhlinonEyeEm

Chocolate by Dominique on EyeEm

Chocolate in Milan by Giovanna on EyeEm

Chocolate at Izumi-ku by Miyuki on EyeEm

Chocolate by KOTOMI on EyeEm

almonds at W33 by Mister Schtief on EyeEm

Chocolate in Oslo by isabel on EyeEm


Chocolate by Gaby on EyeEm

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