We Review the 5 Winning Photos of Learn & Shoot: Working To A Brief

By Lucy - 3 min read

Lucy and Brogues talk us through the winning shots that really fulfilled the brief

Learn & Shoot Missions are regular photo challenges that help you hone and master photography skills and techniques. In this latest edition, we set you a very specific challenge: To imagine a picture editor had commissioned you to shoot a portrait of someone. To photograph them in their favorite space, eyes towards the camera, with a personal background that really tells a story.

With only 5 days to shoot, you produced a real variety of images – we were overwhelmed by the incredibly high standard. Check them all out in the Learn & Shoot: Working To A Brief album! EyeEm social media manager Brogues and I, Lucy, had a tough job on our hands…

Congratulations Anna, Maria, Sergey, Atakan and Sue!

In no particular order, here are the 5 winning shots:


By Anna Kravtsova

“This is such a strong, striking image – the costume really works, the hand brings you in, you feel like you’re part of the audience. We’re included in that frame. I like that it feels so spontaneous, like this performer has come off the stage, into the audience – and Anna’s been able to grab her camera. It’s such a great story.”


By María

“This is more of a classic environmental portrait, showing someone in their normal habitat while telling a story and giving some information about the person. Your eye is drawn straight to the middle with the out-of-focus lights bringing our eyes down. Behind him there’s loads of action and then we have the stillness of him just staring at the camera.”

By Sergey Kuznetsov

“I like how intimate the portrait is, this really tells a story. Look at her eyes: She’s obviously comfortable with the photographer. I also love the contrast of her body angle against the pole she’s holding and how the ray of sun is coming from the right downwards.”

By Atakan Pehlivan

“This is a really lovely, playful portrait. The bikes are unusual and it’s a lovely way of framing something, a very candid care-free moment. I like that he’s upside down, it shows that they’re comfortable together and they’ve just grabbed their bikes and decided to go on a ride – it’s a nice portrait moment.”


By eyecatcher

“The rest of the images are straight on, but in this one the hands have framed her face in a triangle. It’s a really nice way of using portraits. One section is dark and then it gets lighter – and by having those two hands and a sponge, it tells so much about the story that’s about to happen.”

Congratulations again, and thanks to everyone who contributed to this Mission!Find the rest of the submittedphotosin theLearn & Shoot: Working To A Brief album.

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