Visual Rebels: Creating Brand Authority Through Visuals with Lukas Jaworski

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With our Visual Rebels 2019 webinar series kicking off on in April, we spoke to Lukas Jaworski, Head of Communication at Friday Insurance S.A, to get a glimpse into how he is daring to be different within the insurance industry.

With the continued rapid production and consumption of visual content not set to stop any time soon, it is now critical for your brand image to stand out.

The first of our Visual Rebels 2019 Webinar series is centered around navigating the complexities of establishing an effective visual language and forward-thinking creative direction within the visual era.


Gain Insights from Creative Pionners and Innovators Redefining Visual Brand Strategies

Communication expert at Friday Insurance S.A, Lukas Jaworski, understands how visual content can evoke and nurture meaningful conversations with your brand’s consumers. Lukas has spent over a decade of focusing on the evolving relationship between leading brands and technology.

With the key aim of equipping brands to build better products, he began his work with Condé Nast and Scholz & Friends before conquering the tech industry by founding his own company E-Farm in 2015.

Before he shares his full insights during the Visual Rebels kick off - “Handling and Evaluation of Social Media for Insurers”, we caught up with Lukas to find out what the concept of Visual Rebels means to him, and how he is using visuals to drive a tech company in an insurance world.

“It’s about the attitude and the match between who you are and who you are trying to be – you better be real”

For you, what is a Visual Rebel?

A product, service, or user experience that is designed and communicated in a way that allows it to stand out from the pack and lets the customer feel more understood.

What makes you a Visual Rebel and what is your main source of inspiration?

I believe that, in the end, the product is the rebel, rather than the individuals working on it. Customers don’t care about the creators as much as they do about the experience we create for them. This being said, the main source of inspiration needed to create this type of product is always based on a team effort.

“The authority in terms of building trust and therefore brands is all visual.”

What visual challenges do you have to master in your daily work? What were the most valuable insights you’ve gained from this?

Trying to be a rebel by just putting on a leather jacket didn’t work out for the not-so-cool-kid back in highschool. Putting on new sneakers and pretending to be a new person won’t work either – it never will. The same is true for products.

It needs more than just jacket, sneakers and headphones. Being a Visual Rebel is about the attitude and the match between who you are and who you are trying to be – you better be real. Being a tech company in the insurance space we have to stand out with products first and don’t only concentrate on the visuals.

What role will visuals play in the future?

Storytelling without visuals has become impossible. Using words to convince people – as it used to happen around the campfire for a long time just doesn’t work in the digital age. The authority in terms of building trust and therefore brands is all visual.

What can participants expect from your presentation at the Visual Rebel Webinar on April 11th 2019?

They will get an idea of how and why an insurance company reaches out to its customers, employees and other stakeholders in 2019.

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Get access to Lukas’ insights along with three other leading creative innovators with our Visual Rebels webinar series here. #visualrebels2019 will be your essential tool for understanding the critical importance of your brand’s visual language and creative direction.

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