Urban Nights: 11 Shining Examples of Nighttime Photography

By Lucy - 3 min read

Darkness falls and cities come to life in the most unexpected – and unbelievable – of ways

The streets you walk during the day take a dramatically different shape once the sun’s gone down. Nighttime photography uncovers a new side to the world’s best-known cities, a side that so many people miss.

Light trails, glass and water reflections, shadowy undertones, skyline panoramas… There are a wealth of photographic opportunities waiting to be discovered in your city. Scroll through this image collection to get inspired – then grab your camera and head out into your city at night!

11 photos of cities from around the world after the fall of darkness:

By Mission winner, Mattsort in Vienna, Austria

Rear view of woman walking on illuminated street at night

By runner-up, Ansk21 in Egypt

Woman standing at railing against illuminated city at night

By runner-up, Cristian Bortes in Singapore

High angle view of illuminated cityscape at night

By runner-up, Rex CJ in Hong Kong


By runner-up, Maxim Timofeev in Guangzhou, China

Illuminated chain swing ride spinning at night

By runner-up, Anastasia Klimova in Copenhagen, Denmark

Light trails on road at night

By runner-up, Milton Cogheil in London, United Kingdom

Skyscrapers by river at night

By runner-up, isaac


By runner-up, Cristian Bortes in Singapore

Silhouette man using phone against orange sky

By runner-up, Karn Bulsuk in Yokohama, Japan

Silhouette couple walking on street amidst houses at night

By runner-up, Michael Moeller in Oldenburg, Germany

About Huawei P9: Huawei have worked with iconic camera brand Leica to co-engineer a new, dual lens smartphone, the Huawei P9; the perfect smartphone for taking photographs in low light. The dual lens system allows more light to be captured in every image, so together we ran the Cities At Night Mission! Didn’t get lucky this time? You can always pick up the phone at Huawei’s online store, vMall.

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Header image by @petitegraphie.