These Streets Belong To Me

By Cherrie - 3 min read

We asked EyeEm photographers to show us the culture of where they’re from.

It doesn’t matter what your neighborhood, your streets, your culture look and feel like. It’s the people you share your home with – the ones who give it life – that really make it what it is. That was the inspiration behind the Here Belongs To Me Mission we ran with DRAGO.

We celebrated the launch of influential street photographer Boogie’s new book, A Wah Do Dem. And the 3 winning photographers have won themselves a copy each – congratulationsC. Kerem Nasipoglu,KurdiansyahandDr.Syed H. And thank you to all those who entered!

Introducing the 3 winners:

Congratulations also go out to the runners up!

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Header image by @HyejinKim26.