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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be old? French street artist JR, the man behind the remarkable Inside Out Project, currently addresses this question with 15 larger-than-life murals on the streets of Berlin.

Want to spot them all? Come join or EyeEm Meetup on Thursday, April 25, and follow the traces of JR together with us.

Berlin Streetart at Eisenbahnbrücke über die Spree by Spiegel Eule on EyeEm

About JR & The Wrinkles of the The City

JR is an exceptional French street artist who’s famous for his unique combination of social activism, street art and photography. He’s put immense black and white photo prints on places such as the favelas of Brazil, the Separation Wall between Palestine and Israel and initiated one of the world’s biggest participatory projects, the Inside Out Project.

Now, JR is exhibiting his works in Berlin. While a small selection is presented at Galerie Henrik Springmann, 15 of his larger-than-life black and white portraits are spread around the city. Most of them are based in Berlin Mitte – so why not join forces and explore together?

EyeEm Meetup: Wrinkles of the City

Join us for a photo walk through Mitte, explore the works of JR together with us and hang out in the park afterwards with chilled drinks and conversation. Everyone welcome, just bring your camera.

Date: April 25, 2013 18:30
Meetup point: Brunnenstraße 9A, courtyard

Make sure to attend the Facebook event so we know how many people to expect. See you there!

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