The Winning Images From The Urban Escapes Mission

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Find out who won in our recent photo mission with COOL CITIES

In our latest mission with COOL CITIES, we challenged you to capture your Urban Escape. You showed us all of the beautiful places you go to escape your day-to-day life, and leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind.

After much deliberation, the COOL CITIES jury decided on three photos as the grand winners. We’re delighted to announce that the winners of some beautiful photo books are Takaya wafa, 心中的轮回 and MisterDoubleV. Congratulations guys!

The Winning Images:

focus on foreground

By Takaya wafa


By 心中的轮回

full length

By MisterDoubleV

Thanks to everyone who took part! There were some really exceptional images, and COOL CITIES were impressed with the quality throughout the entire mission. Check out some of the highlights below.

Trees against skyscrapers

By afrijal dahrin zega


By Sasha Dudkina


By Emma Cerisier


By Matt Lief Anderson

built structure

By Jam

Man looking at city

By Peter Janelle

By Saba


By Siwar Hassen

By Sophia

By anka

By Abigail R


By Silvia Boncompagni

By Yana Gryganska


By chen chieh-wei


By Lode Kuylenstierna

real people

By Takaya wafa


By Paula D’Albuquerque

You can check out the full Urban Escape album on EyeEm.

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Header Image by Sasha Dudkina

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