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The Week On EyeEm: Volume 50

By Fabian Plock - 3 min read

Our weekly round-up of outstanding content uploaded onto EyeEm, each volume of The Week on EyeEm is unique - echoing certain details, social narratives, and creative techniques shaping our world. This week we are bringing you a thought-provoking curation and commentary from our Editor, Fabian Plock.

The dark time of the year has arrived for all of us in the Northern hemisphere. The sun rarely shows itself, there is a constant filter of grey on everything and the hours of daylight are short. We get up and go out in the dark and come back home in the dark again.

It’s also the time when dismal thoughts and seasonal effects are able to take hold. All too easily do we fall prey to our own mind. Feelings of loneliness, fatigue and low motivation can become prevalent. Being mindful of one’s thoughts and feelings, walks in nature and quality time with friends and loved ones may deliver some form of antidote.

This weeks selection attempts to portray the somber mood of this time but also celebrate it’s beauty. The layer of fog laying over the land, the headlights in the mist and the reflections in the wet. Every bit of light becomes all the more powerful the darker it get’s.

So let’s embrace the darkness but not forget to always let some light in.

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.”

— Anne Frank

one person
Bicycles parked in city at night fireworks at dimonis festival in majorca spain
beauty in nature
rear view
Silhouette bare tree in lake against sky
High angle view of winding road on land
one person
Railroad track at night
one person
Low angle view of silhouette tree against illuminated building at night
Close-up of hand against light painting
Rear view of man standing on rock in cave
built structure
Woman relaxing on bed at home
Girl holding braided hair while standing against wall
High angle view of prism on table
Sensitive photo cover

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