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The Week On EyeEm: Volume 47

By Fabiana Sala - 3 min read

Our weekly round-up of outstanding content uploaded onto EyeEm, each volume of The Week on EyeEm is unique - echoing certain details, social narratives, and creative techniques shaping our world. This week we are bringing you a thought-provoking curation and commentary from our Photo Editor, Fabiana Sala.

Just the other day I was looking at Beneath the Roses, one of the most recognised collections by photographer Gregory Crewdson, and it made me reflect upon the importance of the different narratives behind artistic expression.

In painting as well as in photography, I’ve always been enchanted by the way in which the great masters - Hopper, Turner, Crewdson; just to name a few - have been able to describe the relationships between human beings and their environments.

For this week’s curation I want to pay tribute to light and how different artists have used it to tell stories.

Whether it be using the contest of lights and shadow to skilfully create tension and chaos, or intimacy and subtle awkwardness to present a playful game of opposites, or even the projection of noisy solitude dominates the scene, every element used for artistic expression brings to light the fascinating oxymoron of observation and learning.

“Light, that first phenomenon of the world, reveals to us the spirit and living soul of this world through color”.

– Itten

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