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The Week On EyeEm: Volume 46

By Fabian Plock - 3 min read

Our weekly round-up of outstanding content uploaded onto EyeEm, each volume of The Week on EyeEm is unique - echoing certain details, social narratives, and creative techniques shaping our world. This week we are bringing you a thought-provoking curation and commentary from our Editor, Fabian Plock.

The Week on EyeEm is the celebration of the amazing talent of our community and I am always looking forward to this curation. To take some time and find the gems of last weeks contributions reminds me of the fantastic variety of photography showcased on EyeEm. There simply is no right or wrong and imperfections can act as an interesting element.

Some creators surprise us time and time again with their creativity and deservedly get featured on a regular basis. But stumbling upon new talents which have recently joined the community or more senior contributors who have been flying under the radar so far is always a great joy. It seems like there simply is no ceiling on the creative output of the community and I am very much looking forward to all the future expressions of said creativity.

Hope to see your unique photo one day in this collection, too.

“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.”

– Salvador Dalí

wall - building feature
Whale diving in sea during foggy weather
Rear view of man running on shore at beach
Lightning in sky over mountains
Reflection of trees in lake at night
one person
one person
Side view of horse standing on field against fog
real people
real people
Woman wearing blue raincoat while lying on bed at home
Low angle view of mirror on yellow wall
young adult
Low angle view of staircase in building
one person
Staircase of building
building exterior
one person

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