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The Week On EyeEm: Volume 37

By Fabiana Sala - 3 min read

Our weekly round-up of outstanding content uploaded onto EyeEm, each volume of The Week on EyeEm is unique - echoing certain details, social narratives, and creative techniques shaping our world. This week we are bringing you a thought-provoking curation and commentary from our Photo Editor, Fabiana Sala.

Is it the right time — a question I asked myself so many times lately.

We spend our lives pursuing happiness, planning and expecting a lot, having big plans for ourselves. We expect everything to happen at the right time. 
 But what happens if one day you wake up and, suddenly, you realise life that didn’t go the way it should have? That life is never going to go according to plan. The things we never said, the time we never had, the decision we never made, the hug we never gave. All of a sudden priorities change and we realise how much value time has. Just one more week, one more day, one more hour could be something we’d love to pay for. If we could have it back.

It’s never the right time, and it’s up to us to accept it.

Like with life, so too with photography we should try to make the best of the things that went wrong. That light leak in our cameras, that cloudy, foggy, stained film we developed, that over-exposed print we made in the darkroom.

Welcome everything. You’ll learn and grow from it.

“How did it get so late so soon?”

– Dr. Seuss

one person
Side view of woman sitting against wall
Empty seat in train
Woman seen through bubble wrap
beauty in nature
studio shot
Prism light falling on face of thoughtful young man standing in bathroom
one person
building exterior
real people
Multiple exposure of man and woman lying on bed
Rear view of woman covering face with plastic standing against clear blue sky
one person
one person
Silhouette women standing against illuminated background against sky during dusk
Portrait of woman standing at door against sky

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