The Week on EyeEm | 34

By Maddie - 3 min read

It’s time to look back on another week of incredible photography

With tons of great new missions and the EyeEm Festival right around the corner, we are really excited about everything going on. We hope you’ll be able to join us on September 12 & 13 in Berlin. One day conference and one day community, this summit will have everything you want to hear and see about the future of photography, including an exhibition of the winners of the EyeEm Awards.

Current Missions
Light Up Your Life
Win a Lightcase
Win a pair of OWL Optics sunglasses
Mission Mystery
Get featured in Lodown Magazine

Song of the Week

camera - photographic equipment

By Vakarėja

low section

By Katarina Gavrilica

built structure

By Ceche23

Glass window by wooden wall

By Herr MM

Cat climbing wall

By Lauranne Coremans

built structure

By Brogues C-M

By Is

Fruits and vegetable on table at home

By Ailine Liefeld

High angle view of hens

By Taylor Davidson

front view

By Arthur Yushi


By Annа Romanova

Geese swimming in lake by pier

By Anthony Tulliani


By chim

People at beach against cloudy sky

By Hon_瀚

multi colored

By GynetteQ.


By delpinoegea

By tomo


By Simone Conti

young men

By Thilo Konzok


By Chris Prakoso

Congratulations to @Vakareja @Katarina1 @ceche23 @HerrMM @laurannecoremans @broguescm @ailine @tdavidson @s19 @annromanova @Antooly @chicchim @Kut_Lam @gynetteq @delpinoegea @tomonori0322 @ITnok @thilokonzok @mahadewa @l_i

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