The Week on EyeEm 3

By Fulya - 8 min read

January 9 – 15. Our pick of the best new photography on EyeEm.

“Photographs are a way of imprisoning reality… One can’t possess reality, one can possess images – one can’t possess the present but one can possess the past.”
― Susan Sontag

no people

By Maksim

Bridge against sky in city

By Josue Soriano


By Olivier Morisse

Exterior of closed shop

By Thomas Kooiker

By Anna Ekomasova


By Szabo Ervin-Edward

cloud - sky

By Georg Andreas Suhr

By Farhan Hussain

large group of people

By Melvin Anore

multi colored

By Tomasz Kulbowski

adults only

By Semih


By Maciej Dakowicz


By Mary Dimitropoulou


By Gregor Schäfer


By Ayt

rear view

By zejafo

Ballet dancers dancing on stage

By Matthias Koch


By Nick Verbelchuk

By Yann Fauchier

Directly above shot of rock in sea

By Lonewolf

Scenic view of sea against sky

By Sami Farra

Full frame shot of roads

By Benjamin Lee


By _underachiever


By André Dogbey

By Space Cowboy

All of these photos, and those from previous weeks, can be found in The Week On EyeEm album! Congratulations to all of those whose work has contributed to this incredible collection of pictures.

Feeling inspired? Take part in a Mission! Missions are photo contests, often with big brands, where you can win prizes and get your photos featured or published. Check out our current Missions in the app or on the blog to submit a photo.

Header image by@nicolaslonewolf

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