Visual Stories

The Week on EyeEm

By Jonathon Davison - 2 min read

The most eye-catching pictures on EyeEm from the past week, selected by our photo team.

“Before I do anything, I think, well what hasn’t been seen. Sometimes, that turns out to be something ghastly and not fit for society. And sometimes that inspiration becomes something that’s really worthwhile.”

― Jim Carrey

no people
group of people
Close-up of woman holding craftwork made from leaves
Cropped image of hands holding fishes in glass against black background
Low angle view of woman with nail polish against clear blue sky
one person
Rear view of woman diving in sea
one person
one person
Cropped hand pouring liquid on ice cream at table
Full length of woman standing in abandoned swimming pool
Reflection of woman in broken mirror
one person
glass - material
selective focus
Full frame shot of loom in industry
Scenic view of mountains against sky during sunset
one person