The Week on EyeEm 25

By Lucy - 4 min read

A round-up of the week’s best shots!

We have had a very exciting week here at EyeEm, the Getty RePicture Lovemission got you guys out and about and uploading fantastic images! The best ones got featured at this year’s Cannes Lions, the world’s biggest festival for creativity. The 2014 EyeEm Awards are bringing in a constant stream of amazing photography that we couldn’t be happier about.

The images selected this week show the huge variety of photography we get to see, from portraits to landscape every photographer has done some different and unique to their style. Have a look at these great images and start thinking how to be unique when you next take a picture.

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Portrait of young woman wearing dress

By _lunasognante_

By Enrica Brescia

By Kenoji

Rear view of woman looking at view through window

By Andrew Hays

By Emiliano

By おろ*


By EsqueJon

By Rovenko

Fashionable woman at sea shore against clear sky

By Anna Leopardi

By Jen Pollack Bianco

Close-up of woman with red lips


Family of four riding on motorcycle

By Nurcholis Anhari Lbs

By Glenn Homann

By Liisa

By Don Pengboon

By max

By Raffaele Cavicchi

Close-up of a beautiful young woman looking at mirror

By Lidor Akavia

By daFred

Birds on canopy

By Steffi

Congratulations to:@max2014@RovenkoPhoto@lunasognante@enricapph@photokenesis@andrewjhays @lucciole @oro52 @Esquejon @nyumond @LAX2NRT @arvt@anharilubis @glennhomann @Liisa_Lee @donpengboon @ralfmalf @lidoraka @dafred @steffimarla

Thank you for sharing your stunning shots! Want to see more incredible imagery? Check out the best photos from the past few weeks.

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