The Week on EyeEm 24

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The Week on EyeEm shows you a variety of exciting images and photographers that will inspire you to develop your own style.

The Week on EyeEm shows you the best images from a variety of photographers with a range of different styles and techniques. As a photographer it’s important to develop your own style and find out what you’re interested in shooting. The best way to do that is by gathering inspiration from people you admire, so look through these images and get started with creating an original and exciting shooting style.

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By Maria Efimenko

By minimalfurseal

By mysecretspot

By Aik Beng Chia


By Lambok Sinaga

By Brett Worth

By tylergrae

By luison

By EsqueJon

By Ruben

By Michael Daffy Färber

By Ivan Vega

By Savia C.

By Emma

By Fabian Palencia


By Harry

By Frank Truong


By Sevgi Kavak

Congratulations to @jackmarge, @efim15, @minimalfurseal, @mysecretspot, <a “href=””>@aikbengchia, @lamboxinaga, @BrettWorth, @tylergrae, @luison, @Esquejon, @carlon_r, @daffy089, @deszczblog, @ivanvega, @savia_c, @emmazoe, @mrfabianpalencia, @harry_f, @frankensteintr, @gregorsamsa!

Song of the Week

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