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By Madeline - 4 min read

6 – 12 June. A weekly pick of the EyeEm Community’s spectacular photos.

“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”
— Imogen Cunningham

Man in tunnel

By alekstwo

Full frame shot of bamboo grove

By Mubariz Khan

Portrait of young woman

By YuKi C

built structure

By Benjamin Lee


By Adlan Mansri

no people

By Guillaumeau

one person

By Yana Vasilyeva

Sensitive photo cover

This photo may be sensitive

By J A D E

low angle view

By Hom Mali

animal themes

By Mayank Gautam

Woman reflecting on rear windshield of car

By raset


By Martina

Little girl looking through window of trailer on sunny day

By Dennis Ritter

High angle view of empty road on mountains during sunny day

By The Missing Colors

Directly above shot of people walking on floor

By Shenq-Yuan Wang

Crystal decorations at home

By Nazir Azhari


By JJ Clark

Directly above shot of book by food and antler on floor

By Natascha


By Paweł Magnus

senior adult

By urs flueeler

People holding banner against sky on sunny day

By Arif Nurhakim

High angle view of shirtless young man swimming in sea

By Aaditya

Cropped hands of people gesturing in darkroom

By Andrei Ionescu


By Keisuke Ikeda


By Anski21

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