The Week on EyeEm | 16

By Maddie - 4 min read

Each week we highlight the exceptional photographs taken and shared on EyeEm.

We believe in mobile photography as an art form—as a way to express yourself whenever you want, wherever you want. Your images create discussions, spark debate and inspire others. EyeEm is a living community of photography lovers, of people who want to see and create beauty.

The images featured this week are no exception. They are striking and intentional with a clear voice. Take some time to look through the portfolios of these outstanding artists, get to know their work and be inspired by their vision.

Current Missions
Rainy Days by PHaT PHOTO
Pantone Colors by GIZMON
Your art is portable with caseable
Finding the next Vivian Maier

Song of the week

Happy Sunday!

By Flyingmuffyn

By Lauren Marek

By lucinde

By kickin

By Sandra

By Lode Kuylenstierna

By Alfons Teruel

By Daniel Cotrim

By Danielle Reid


By Maria Borisenko

By Sarah Weinknecht

By Gra Cas

By GynetteQ.

By Kairos

By peter blankets

By Jeferson

By İsra Nilgün Özkan

By Mia

By Yeli

Congratulations to@dimsulistyo @flyingmuffyn @laurenmarek @llucinde @kickin @sandramedkameran @lodekuylenstierna @alfonsteruel @danicevc @daniellereid @mariaborisenko27 @sarahweinknecht @gracas81 @gynetteq @YSC @Peter_Blankets @Jeffeico0607 @japontipikurdan @miacocoone @whatwordsmiss for sharing your captivating photos on EyeEm this week.

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