The Week on EyeEm 12

By Maddie - 4 min read

March 16-22. Get lost in urban jungles, feast on the vitality of nature and play with light & shadow in these stunning images.

The Week on EyeEm is a selection of the most inspiring and profoundly beautiful images. Curated each week just for you, be sure to click on the photos below, leave a comment and follow these selected photographers to see more of their work in your Friends feed.


By Guillegvc

building exterior

By Chris

wireless technology

By 林 家宇

By soyeon


By Anshelo Espino

looking at camera

By StevenConway

By Daniel Gorman


By Emil Rivera-Cedano

Side view of young woman walking in front of buildings

By J.Ōta


By Laura Zalenga

Upside down image of person in swimming pool

By Khanh Đào Tuấn

Young woman smoking cigarette on street

By Jonathan Gonzales

Cropped hand with dogs on field

By Alonso


By kana sasamoto

Low section of person with dog in bag at footpath

By Youngduk Ko


By mercier

green color

By Katherine Dean

Low angle view of man standing against wall

By Artyom Chuguevsky

one animal

By Lambok Sinaga


By Hoang Minh Ly


By Gilles Saulnier

Low angle view of woman on swing against cloudy sky

By Denise


By Nikos


By Nicola Buck


By Manuel Osterholt

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Header image by @laurazalenga

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