The Week on EyeEm | 12

By Maddie - 6 min read

The Week on EyeEm is a weekly recap of what happened in the community with one simple goal: to make you smile on Sundays.

The Week on EyeEm is a weekly recap of what happened in the community with one simple goal: to make you smile on Sundays.

Current Missions

  • Urban Art by JUNIQE
  • Near and Far
  • The Path Less Traveled by Pointer Footwear
  • Song of the week

    Enjoy your Sunday ♥

    minimalism a dog is Sitting on the beach by ⓝⓐⓡⓤⓝⓓⓙⓛⓚ on EyeEm

    Last night…….bangbang by Moana Alice on EyeEm


    streetphotography streetcolour Paris procamera by Roni Bar on EyeEm

    real people

    You know I love a good Portrait of a Woman and portrait ‘s in general. VSCO VSCO Cam by brainyartist on EyeEm

    Directly above shot of woman reading book on bed

    Love jane austen england Books by Aleksandra on EyeEm


    Ich mach ne Fahne (Die Ex-Voltigierer unter uns nickend wissentlich) by Mademoiselle Megan on EyeEm

    Couple walking in forest trail along bare trees

    The Path Less Traveled by Pointer Footwear forest by Youngduk Ko on EyeEm


    Untitled. Black & White Washington, D. C. eyeemambassdors shootermag by Keith Lane on EyeEm

    domestic cat

    Being rich is not about how much you have, but how much you give. Near and Far cat EyeEm Best Shots enjoying life by Alfadhlee Razif on EyeEm


    Analogued. Nikon Minolta Film selfie by Dan Taylor on EyeEm


    A shot from the New Bedford Half Marathon on Sunday Taking Photos EyeEm Ambassador EyeEm Best Shots wpphoto by Josh * EyeEm Ambassador * Massachusetts on EyeEm

    Majestic waterfall against clear sky

    Taking Photos Iceland Landscape_Collection waterfall by Eric Cheung on EyeEm


    Making breakfast. Banana Breakfast food vscocam by Constantin Schiller on EyeEm

    Silhouette man standing on jetty at dusk

    iSelf – Waiting Game ::: “People wait all week for friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness” ||| pictureoftheday self portrait Silhouette EyeEm Best Shots by SAMSONFOTODK on EyeEm

    Portrait of cows on field against cloudy sky

    nature_collection EyeEm Nature Lover bulls by Jen on EyeEm

    Snow covered mountains against sky at sunset

    India sunset mountains landscape just another sunset on a beautiful wintery evening in the northern Himalayan ranges of Leh, Ladakh, India. by Chirantan Rajhans on EyeEm


    relax yellow cocker Dalmatian by Lucia Cillero Souto on EyeEm


    Bert Garibay on EyeEm

    photography themes

    Near and Far Harbor by Eddie Lin on EyeEm

    Congratulations to @dinalf @narundjik @moanamiau @ronibar @brainyartist @olakep @megancalling @guitarlogy @keithlanephoto @Alfad_Hlee @dantaylor1 @pavingapril @rearwindow @gesichtet @samsonfotodk @jen_the_ordinary @chirantan @luciacillerosouto @Bertgaribay @power6188for taking amazing photos this week!

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