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By Maddie - 6 min read

The Week on EyeEm is a weekly recap of what happened in the community with one simple goal: to make you smile on Sundays.


Aik Beng Chia on EyeEm

The Week on EyeEm is a weekly recap of what happened in the community with one simple goal: to make you smile on Sundays.

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Congratulations to@kuntwin @dafred @stevenmerola92 @stijnoviech @darkolabor @davidgriffen @hany @JuliettasLenses @DennisPhillipps @arch @manuelamatosmonteiro @Alfad_Hlee @aureliamichel50 @charlesnayoan @WERxDASxLIESTxISTxDOOF @aikbengchia @AlexandraSmart @joergdirmeitis @imtakeshigarcia @boneworkerfor taking amazing photos this week!

Enjoy your Sunday ♥

animal themes

from where i stand cat smooth Grass by kuntwiN on EyeEm

Pink flowers blooming outdoors

Urban nature Spring has arrived Scenery Shots simplicity by daFred on EyeEm

He’s a ham in the sun Cute pets Impossible Moments Beautiful street photography by Steven Merola on EyeEm

Trees growing in field against clear sky

Sacrifice iPhoneography Nature sunset landscape by Stijn Dijkstra on EyeEm


blackandwhite streetphotography Hello world by Darko on EyeEm

food and drink

Fresh produce from tractor on the roadside cornwall foodporn Travel by David Griffen on EyeEm


rows of things Books Color Portrait by Hany on EyeEm

Close-up mid section of woman against grey background

Dress me in light. EyeEm Best Shots light and shadow EyeEm gallery Leonie filter by Julia Elisa on EyeEm

Family Matters by Dennis Phillipps on EyeEm

building exterior

That is Photographer EyeEm Tokyo Meetup 2 by ARCH on EyeEm


Impossible Moments sunset #sun #clouds #skylovers #sky #nature #beautifulinnature #naturalbeauty #photography #landscape shootermag Relaxing by Manuela Matos Monteiro on EyeEm

People looking at sea from observation point

Selat Melaka Mosque, Malacca. Impossible Moments Enjoying the View praying street photography by Alfadhlee Razif on EyeEm


Hello world Blondie hi! Taking Photos by Aurelia Michel on EyeEm

animal themes

EyeEm Best Shots The EyeEm Facebook Cover Challenge Impossible Moments bromo’s horse rider by Charles Nayoan on EyeEm

cold temperature

doppelte Belichtung Check this out Around the world by Lufthansa Dream by Katharina on EyeEm

senior women

Family Matters my aunt’s birthday with my Grandmother. family time people family portrait by Alexandra on EyeEm

animal themes

animals tiger by Joerg Dirmeitis on EyeEm


Impossible Moments Traveling vacation Around the world by Lufthansa by Takeshi Garcia on EyeEm

animal themes

Dogs Relaxing Weekend by BONEWORKER on EyeEm

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