The Week on EyeEm 1

By Maddie - 3 min read

Check out the highlights from a new year of spectacular photography

The Week on EyeEm is a selection of the most inspiring and profoundly beautiful images. Curated each week just for you, be sure to click on the photos below, leave a comment and follow these selected photographers to see more of their work in your Friends feed.

By Lore Bammens


By Caroline Brouckaert

By erik lindner

By Alice Chang

By Hector Bermudez

By auntiegold

By Anna

By Gustav

By Aliss Dicembrino

By Cameron Gardner

By Екатерина

By 伟倫

By Britt M.

By Junic

By Fatih Örün

By Mateusz Cybart

By yeonsu

By BenBer

By thodoris

Feeling inspired? Then take part in a mission! Missions are photo competitions where you can win prizes & get published. Our current missions are RePicture Giving, Vanishing Point & Portrait of a Friend.

Congratulations to @cameron_gardner, @HectorBermudez, @farang, @zhijiechang, @auntiegold, @sunchildrendontdie, @guzetav, @benber, @AlissDicembrinoph, @u16546698, @wearethewildyouth, @silverclouds, @imLun, @bybrittm, @junic, @fatihorun, @monolight, @MCybart, @yeonss, @thodoris_

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