The Top 25 Of Our Clara Filter Mission

By EyeEm Team - 6 min read

Our Clara Filter mission was all about showing the clarity and sharpness of your photos. You proved how creative you can get, and we were so amazed by your photos!

Hi friends,

OurClara Filter mission was all about showing the clarity and sharpness of your photos. You proved how creative you can get, and we were so amazed by your photos!

Over the month, more than 2200 photos were submitted by around 1000 community members. Clara is one of our favorite filters, and we couldn’t be more happy about how creative you guys get when using it. So many beautiful images from such distant places – San Francisco to Slovenia and Southern France to Singapore.The submissions were first class!

Have a look at Clara Filter to see them all.

Thank you all for your wonderful effort!Now here we go with our 25 favorite photos:

clara filter sailing lake clouds by Naoveo on EyeEm

Aircraft show clara filter by zeyneep on EyeEm


clara filter Taking Photos wedding day Wedding!byJason TanonEyeEm

View of mountain slope covered with lichen against sky

Slovenia. clara filter Traveling mountains by Hanna on EyeEm

Low angle view of birds flying against cloudy sky

Good night world…. clara filter harbingers of the Tragic fall EyeEm Birds bluesky by Christina Lee on EyeEm

Dune du pilat, france clara filter clara filter by Maria on EyeEm


clara filter by Mary-Ann Ee on EyeEm


Pop That Bubble! Prague clara filter Filippa K asks: What inspires you?byNickonEyeEm

clara filter Kids by Khairul Anuar Sumar on EyeEm

Man jumping into swimming pool against sky

Agh! swimming pool clara filter peoplephotography enjoying life by luis on EyeEm


clara filter DroidEdit color of autumn by @emmii on EyeEm

From the top. sea_collection surfing sea clara filter by Tutto on EyeEm

My grandson and his great- grandfather FAMILY by Jennifer Tate on EyeEm

Man sitting on pier with blue sea in background

in the morning EyeEm Nature Lover clara filter Landscape_Collection iPhoneography by gal0611 on EyeEm

The fire-eater. Missing you buddy. Friends Fireworks fire clara filter by veronica on EyeEm

clara filter Nexus4 Hello world sunrise by Talkabouttech on EyeEm

Beautiful beach Dogs clara filter by schneiderin on EyeEm

Calm sea against the sky

San Francisco Pier 39 Sea Lion clara filter by Lin Lin on EyeEm

Scenic view of snow covered field amidst trees against sky

snowy trail in West Hartford . clara filter Film by Tim Malone on EyeEm

mp-mission [Crime, fire & evidence The Devil’s in the Detail streetart clara filter by wheway on EyeEm

City of Singapore. clara clara filter by Qamaruz Ali on EyeEm

clara filter streetphotography by Pocato Su on EyeEm

clara filter Trees nature_collection Taking Photos by Adham Khorshed on EyeEm

kimono clara filter by Andi Dinata on EyeEm

clara filter candid by Ana Lucia Fernandez on EyeEm

See you at the next mission!

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