The Top 25 of our Capa Filter Mission

By EyeEm Team - 6 min read

Our recent mission was all about black and white photography. Dedicated to shots taken with our Capa filter (named after legendary Magnum co-founder Robert Capa), we wanted to see how far you can take it with B&W photography…

Low angle view of people walking on cable bridge in foggy weather

mountains capa filter by Harry on EyeEm

Our recent mission was all about black and white photography. Dedicated to shots takenwith our Capa filter (named after legendary Magnum photographer Robert Capa), we wanted to see how far you could take it with B&W photography.

Over 6700 photos were submitted by more than 2300 contributors, leaving us with the impossible task to choose just 25 of our favorites. What would Robert Capa say if he saw those photos? Decide for yourself.

Thank your for taking part in this mission! Don’t miss out on seeing the whole Capa Filter album – lots of amazing shots in there.

Now here we go with our 25 favorites!


people capa filter by Olya Buivolova on EyeEm

People dancing in music concert

great time at the color me rad 5K. capa filter detailsofmylife Running blackandwhite by Veronica Armstrong on EyeEm

capa filter Black & White photography model I am (:bydkaramanonEyeEm


Eyeem Philippines EyeEm Best Shots capa filter eye4photography by Oliver Co on EyeEm

capa filter Change your Perspective by NotoriousJES on EyeEm

black and white EyeEm Nature Lover capa filter by roy_yeh on EyeEm

capa filter streetphoto_bw fog Panorama by Mukuruchan on EyeEm

capa filter Fear Running forest by bentphotos on EyeEm

Close-up of circular light reflection of bare legs over black background

capa filter tights made by Light paintingbyBarbieonEyeEm

capa filter dogo argentino Dogs dogslife by katarina drezz on EyeEm

capa filter Portrait bw_portraits by Lesley on EyeEm


blackandwhite capa filter Silhouette shootermag by Ade Santora on EyeEm


occupy taksim! capa filter blackandwhite streetphotography by Didicoi on EyeEm

capa filterbyAngelineonEyeEm

Vast Sky heights capa filter streetphotography skybyRyan Rizaldhy IksanonEyeEm

Just Me capa filter by Teguh on EyeEm

View of snow covered landscape against clear sky

Mt. Ranier as i released my grandfather’s ashes. capa filter cremation flight mountainsbyTim MaloneonEyeEm

capa filter winterwonderland Winter Trekking by Katharina Muenz on EyeEm

capa filter DroidEdit the minimals (less edit juxt photography) sydney by Max Si’itia on EyeEm

light and shadow blackandwhite capa filter rollerblading Fliptopia by jn_ on EyeEm

Hut on countryside landscape against clear sky

capa filter blackandwhite Mognio-Bignasco by Flavio on EyeEm

Side view of jet ski in action

capa filter blackandwhite sea by Aku Shin on EyeEm

Thanks again for taking part. See you at the next mission!

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