The Top 25 from the Don Filter Mission

By Stephanie - 5 min read

The Don filter mission is over! Here’s the selection of our 25 favorite shots.

Mother Love Don filter by Mariachiara on EyeEm

The Don filter mission is over! 1299 people have contributed more than 2800 photos to this mission, making it one of the most compelling and diverse black & white albums on EyeEm. Here’s the selection of our 25 favorite shots.

With Don being part of the newest members to our family of filters, we were quite excited to see what you make out of it. Adding a layer of crisp black and white to your images, the results didn’t cease to amaze us: from stunning portraits to illuminating scenes of the ballerinas of Swan Lake, you guys really squeezed the most of our Don filter in any kind of setting.

Thank you for taking part everyone! And congrats to those who made it in the selection.

Now, without further ado, here are our 25 favorite shots:

Swan Lake blackandwhite Don filter Ballerina by Stephan Stepanović on EyeEm

Don filter Riodejaneiro Brazil brasil by Cíntia santana on EyeEm


Don filter cat blackandwhite black and white by Mette Bruus on EyeEm

I miss her Holiday Nature Happy Don filter by Leen Janssen on EyeEm

she was a ship sailing and life was the ocean slowly consuming her. Don filter by mariah on EyeEm

Side view of a pregnant woman standing at window

Don filter blackandwhite fortheloveofblackandwhite Love by Jessy Menchaca on EyeEm


Dropping in. Skateboarding Don filter eye4photography Taking Photos by Chris Sobierajski on EyeEm


Don filter blackandwhite sky_collection EyeEm Nature Lover Birds… by Ditte on EyeEm

Dog walking on pavement

Waiting on a friend black and white Don filter Venice Beach Dogs by Audrey on EyeEm

Don filter London eye, Jackchics bracelets by MVV on EyeEm

Don filter birds photography Nature by Liam Crothers on EyeEm

Woman photographing obsolete factory on snowy landscape against sky

explore Don filter Winter White by CanvasPop TheMinimals (less edit juxt photography) EyeEm Best Shots – Black + White by yannis porfyropoulos on EyeEm


Morning Light – iPhone 4S. 2014 Don filter Winter White by CanvasPop blackandwhite AMPt_community by G Luff on EyeEm

Frontside Heelflip – New York City – Go Skate Day Don filter Skateboarding streetphotography blackandwhite by Chris Sobierajski on EyeEm


Don filter by Andreas Caval on EyeEm

“Días de Fotográficos” Don filter fotografia pictureoftheday blackandwhite by Ira Estudios on EyeEm

Thoughtful young woman sitting on floor

Don filter girl eye4photography portrait by skyler june on EyeEm

Upside down image of silhouette people on wet tiled floor

Airport stories One Photo A Day 2014 Don filter bw_collection AMPt_community by gal0611 on EyeEm

Don filter blackandwhite Awesome performance iPhoneography by Frank Myers on EyeEm

23//365 I love this cute little place called Penarth Don filter blackandwhite monochrome EyeEmBestPics by Francine on EyeEm

Don filter by Santiago Cano on EyeEm

High angle view of snow covered parked cars and bare trees

Winter White by CanvasPop Don filter rows of things Car Park by Michael Jones on EyeEm

Don filter annoy an f’ing friend Tuesday… EyeEm Best Shots blackandwhite by Kaaren on EyeEm

See you at the next mission!