Make Your Pola Dreams Come True

By Severin - 2 min read

Using solely his iPhone, a few editing apps and a lot of imagination, Cedric Blanchon shows us in this hands-on tutorial how to create stunning Polaroid-narratives..

When we first saw this photo by Cedric Blanchon..

we were convinced thatonly a true virtuoso of the editing craft can come up with such an image. Using solely his iPhone, a few editing apps and a lot of imagination, here’s a how-to guide and complete video tutorial by the master himself on how make your Pola Dream come true..

From the desk of Cedric Blanchon:

Hey guys,

for this photo I’ve used my iPhone4 and the following apps for processing: Camera+,ShakeitPhoto,BigLens,Blender andColorSplash. Here’s a little video I produced to show you how to get the best Pola Dreams:

(Thanks to Ludwig van for the Soundtrack!)

And here’s the step by step process:

  • Shoot the background image using Camera+.

  • Open Biglens and apply a blur effect to the background image. The hands on the front should be sharp while the face in the background needs to be blurred. Apply a Lomo filter for the vignette effect.

  • Take the 4 photos you need for the Polaroids on the front: you and your arm, your hand with the lighter, you and a cigarette (or anything else) in your mouth, the tip of the cigarette.

  • Convert the two images into Polaroids using ShakeitPhoto.

  • Use Blender to place the Polaroids into the hands of the background photo.

  • Open Snapseed and crop the photo.

  • Use ColorSplash to color the Polaroids while leaving the background image black and white.

  • Open EyeEm and upload the photo to the album Pola Dream!

  • Have fun!