The Perfect Circles: 30 Photos That’ll Make You Go Ooh

By Cherrie - 6 min read

Oh oh yes, we’re in double O heaven with our friends at Huawei!

Circular shapes are everywhere. From ball sports to bicycle wheels, vinyl records and round windows to fresh fruit and beyond – once you start looking for them, you’ll see them everywhere!

The photographers featured below found double Os in the most surprising of places. Whether it’s in the natural world, in modern design or even within their camera bags, their photography will change the way you see the everyday objects around you. Oh oh yes!

30 photos of double Os that’ll make you go “ooh”:

By Nazir Azhari

By Antonio

By Vanessa Mariani


By Jason Rogers

By Kent Gökhan Odelli

By Katharina

By Abhijit

By Greg Westall Jr

By Marika

By dainius

By Thunyawat Moopikul

By Gryllus Minimus

By ana

By Ning He

By Noam Cohen🇮🇱

By Noel

By Hilary

By M E L

By Víctor

By Nicola

By raset

By Najibul Mahbub

By Giovi G

By Emma Kerr

By Ben Cheong

By Ivan Maximov

By in160311


By Berytah Odukey

About Huawei P9: Huawei have worked with iconic camera brand Leica to co-engineer a new, dual lens smartphone, the Huawei P9; the perfect smartphone for taking photographs in low light. The dual lens system allows more light to be captured in every image, so together we ran the The OO Mission. Congratulations to @jetjew, winning with this wonderful shot of chinese lanterns – a Huawei P9 is on its way to you!

Didn’t get lucky this time? You can always pick up the phone at Huawei’s online store, vMall.

Header image by @raset.

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