The Mystery of Self-Portrait. All Eyes On: Zezn

By EyeEm Team - 4 min read

All Eyes On features inspiring members of the EyeEm community. Up today: Zezn, a 27 year old piano teacher from Japan who takes wonderful, mysterious self-portraits.

Name: zezn
Age: 27
Location: Japan
Occupation: Piano teacher
Food of choice: Apple

Hands play quite an important role in your photographs. What’s the story behind?

I play piano since I was a child. Hands play an important role in my expression. Also they are the parts on my body which I want to appeal the most. Therefore, I usually use hands for my photography.

You only shoot in black and white. Why?

I like black and white photos because I think black and white is the most polychromatic. A black and white photo has infinite possibilities.

long hair

s portrait blackandwhite selfportrait HairbyzeznonEyeEm

When did you start taking self-portraits?

About three years ago.

Who inspires you?

I receive inspiration from nature, music and pictures. I’m looking for my own expression.

Do you listen to music while taking photos?

While I’m taking photos, I don’t listen to music. But, sometimes I imagine music.

Favorite editing apps: I rarely edit.

Favorite album on EyeEm: black and white and blackandwhite

Your tip for taking better photos: There is nothing special. I take photograph at will. I think the light and shadow, also timing are important. Of course the sense to create them is necessary.

hand monochrome blackandwhite selfportrait by zezn on EyeEm


minimalism monochrome blackandwhite hand by zezn on EyeEm

selfportrait minimalism blackandwhite legs by zezn on EyeEm


monochrome blackandwhite selfportrait by zezn on EyeEm

portrait light and shadow blackandwhite self portrait by zezn on EyeEm


blackandwhite selfportrait Piano monochrome by zezn on EyeEm

blackandwhite portrait selfportrait shadow by zezn on EyeEm

long hair

Hair selfportrait blackandwhite monochrome by zezn on EyeEm

blackandwhite selfportrait monochrome by zezn on EyeEm

blackandwhite monochrome Light Silhouette by zezn on EyeEm

Do you live..? hand monochrome blackandwhite shadow by zezn on EyeEm

Hair black and white hand white by zezn on EyeEm


minimalism white monochrome horizon by zezn on EyeEm

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, zezn!

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